Bonding Guidelines

Georgia law §17-6-15 provides the Sheriff the authority to establish, publish and regulate the guidelines and rules for bonding arrested individuals. The administration of this process is performed by the Bonding Administration personnel of the Sheriff’s Office.

There are multiple methods for obtaining the release of an individual incarcerated in the Haralson County Jail. The act requires an individual to ensure the appearance of the arrested individual for all court appearances until adjudication. The obligating individual is known as the surety. The individual being released from custody is referred to as the principal.

There are three different options to bond someone out of jail:

Use a Professional Bonding Company

If you use a professional bonding company, they will charge you 12-15 percent of the total bond. That is the fee they charge for signing the bond and you will not get this money back. The bonding company can also require that you put up some type of collateral to cover the bond amount. There are six bonding companies approved by Sheriff Williams.

A-1 Bonding - 770-854-4172
Ace Bonding - 770-570-2180
Garner Bonding - 770-713-6668
Miller Bonding - 770-646-5604
Shelton Bonding - 770-834-6070
Well Done Bonding - 706-346-0551

Sign a Property Bond

To sign a property bond, you must own or be buying the property and it must be located in Haralson County. When you come to sign the bond you must bring that year’s tax assessment papers and a photo identification card. The only subject that can sign the bond is the subject whose name is on the tax assessment papers. 40% of the assessed value of your property must be enough to cover the bond in question, not the fair market value. Once the bonded subject is totally finished with his/her case, then your property will be released from that bond. If the bonded subject does not show up for his/her court date, a lien will be placed on that property. Property can only be used on one bond, not multiple bonds.

Sign a Cash Bond

To sign a cash bond, you must bring a valid photo identification card and enough cash to cover the bond. We only accept paper money or a certified check (no change allowed). If the cash bond is for a Superior Court case, then you will get your money back once the bonded subject is totally finished with his/her case. If the bonded subject does not show up for his/her court date, you will lose your money.

Only the person who paid the bond (the surety) can submit a cash refund request and receive a cash disbursement once the bonded subject is totally finished with his/her case.  A cash refund will require you to bring the following documents to the Haralson County Sheriff’s Office or send them by mail:

  1. The Cash Bond Refund Notice Form
  2. Original Cash Bond Receipt; if lost please provide a water, light, gas bill, and/or bank statement. The address listed on the bill must match the driver’s license.
  3. Photo ID (Valid Driver's License, Passport, Military ID or State ID) - ID will not be accepted if expired; and
  4. A certified copy of the proof of disposition from the court signed by the Judge or Clerk of Court.

To request a cash bond return by mail, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Print and fill out the Cash Bond Refund Notice Form found online.
  2. Follow all the instructions on the form. Requests must include a copy of a current/valid government issued photo ID, certified copy of the proof of disposition from the court signed by the Judge or Clerk of Court and the form must be signed in the presence of a notary.
  3. Mail paperwork to:
    137 Hayes Glass Road
    Bremen, GA 30110

Cash bond return requests received at our office will be ready for pickup after 2 business days once all original required documents have been received and validated.

Firearm Exception

If a person uses, brandishes or discharges a firearm during the commission of a crime, the Sheriff exercises his right for stricter bond requirements. In this case, property owners pledging property will have to demonstrate that they have sufficient equity in the property to secure the bond amount. Proper documentation such as tax assessments, Title Searches, loan papers and others deemed necessary will be presented prior to the bond being secured.

Bond Fee

In accordance with OCGA 15-16-21(c)(8), a $20.00 Sheriff’s Bonding Fee will be collected with each property or cash bond that is signed.

Transfer Bonds

We do accept transfer bonds from other counties in the state of Georgia. The bond must be approved through the county’s Sheriff’s Office where the property is located. Once the bond is signed, the other county will seal it in an envelope that must be hand delivered to the Haralson County Jail by the person who signed the bond. The person signing the bond must also bring a photo identification card with them when they deliver the sealed bond to us. Transfer bonds have the same stipulations as a property bond.